5 Remarkable Monuments to Find in UAE

5 Remarkable Monuments to Find in UAE


If you are eager of discovering the history of this amazing country UAE via the ages then there are dozens of historical monuments, you must go through during your trip and compared to visiting malls and fun spots “consuming maximum money”, these specific historical places won’t get you empty financially. Along with the superb historical monuments, you also find the long-lived parks, places and buildings, so begin your historical journey of this remarkable desert.

Additionally, the government of UAE is devoted to preserve all the historical monuments with the regular care and it contributes to the growing popularity of the country as the best tourist destination globally. Moreover, the precise plan of visiting different monuments is worthwhile and for that, researching work is must; hence, this piece guides you precisely about the must-go historical monuments, so discover the following spots carefully and kick off your ride.

1-Grand Dubai’s Masjid

It is the epitome of the city’s religious as well as cultural tradition revealing the perfect Islamic architecture and while visiting it, you get to know more about the region’s religion. Moreover, you also witness the Quranic writings on its entrance façade and small domes along with the tallest minaret make it more interesting to discover. The online world is full of tour platforms but you have to go wisely in order to protect your trip from being ruined by poor-quality services. Therefore, you should get into the Trip.com where right from accommodation to flights, you can book everything with affordability while using Trip.com promotional code.

2-Qasr al Hosn Fort

It is also the must-go historical spot for everyone and was constructed back in 1700s as the town’s water source, so exploring it is also an impressive move in a ride of gathering history of this country. The development in the middle of 1800s, the distinction turned it into the leading intensity’s seat for Abu Dhabi.

3-Heritage House

This fabulous house was constructed in the 1890 and known as the house of pearl merchants, so visit it too and get familiar with the history of UAE more. Additionally, it was restored back in the 1994 and it comprises of great two floors and while the exploration, you feel yourself being in the old times, so make sure that you it never goes unnoticed during a trip.

4-Al Fahidi Fort

It offers the glimpse of the great Dubai’s history along with the recent expansion as well as transformation, so visiting it is also necessary for expanding your knowledge of UAE’s history. It gets you the exact details about the relationship among Islam and Arabism, so go there and find the great UAE’s civilization combining the old and the advanced Dubai.

5-Burj Nahar

It was made in the 1870 blanketing three beautiful watchtowers and they are made for guarding the city from invaders and the historical importance has earned it the global fame; thus, you find many foreign tourists visiting this spot. Additionally, it was constructed with the superb coral-pebble and mud turning it into the paradise to discover for history lovers.