Single parent, how to succeed in your family life.?

Single parent, how to succeed in your family life.?


If your spouse has abandoned you, it is normal for you to be discouraged. It’s also understandable that your morale is down. However, to help your children cope with this difficult situation, you must strive to adopt the right attitude. Concretely, what should you do?

Single parent, watch your attitude

Learn to be positive. Don’t talk about your situation in a negative way. Don’t tell your children how sad your life is. Considering your home as irreparably broken will do more harm than good. Viewing your children as doomed does no good. Such words will only discourage you and your children. Your role is to support them and help them move forward. For that, they need more positive, comforting words, to see you raise your head.

Admittedly, everyday life is far from joyful. But joy has more to do with the disposition of the heart than with the situation you are experiencing. Here is a practical suggestion. Make a list of the negative thoughts you have about your situation. Then write in front of each of them a positive reflection. Reread these positive thoughts from time to time, especially when you are at your lowest. By setting a good example for your children, you will help them develop a positive mindset. It will then be easier for you to face all your difficulties together. For example, are you generally cheerful or rather always somber?

Make your family life successful

Money problems are recurrent in single-parent families. Also, set a budget. It’s not fun and it’s not always easy. But in order not to have other problems and make your situation worse, be considerate. Keep track of your expenses, examine your buying habits, avoid getting into debt.

Then, stop dwelling on your family situation, it will just prevent you from moving forward. Judicious advice on this subject is given on the site . These will help you stop feeling resentful about what your ex did to you.

Of course, being able to forget the injustices suffered does not happen overnight. It takes time and a lot of love to heal the wounds, yours and those of your children. In addition, you have to work, take care of the house , prepare meals, help your children with their studies. But tell yourself that no one expects perfection from you. Do your best, your children will thank you.

As much as possible, spend a lot of time with them too. Gifts and gadgets will never replace your reassuring and warm presence. It’s true that in this kind of situation, you want to make up for the absence of the other parent with gifts. But what your children need most is to see you, to do activities with you.

However, to be truly able to take care of your children, take care of yourself. Do not neglect your physical and emotional health, give yourself a break sometimes. A car without fuel cannot move forward. Similarly, you won’t get far if you don’t take the time to ‘refuel’. Also remember that having fun is not a waste of time. It invigorates you and gives you the strength to carry on with your heavy responsibilities.