Seven ideas for a family vacation at home this summer.?

Seven ideas for a family vacation at home this summer.?


Summer has arrived, and we’ve been extremely well prepared for it, with all the TV shows we’ve binge-watched, and all the bread we’ve baked since that winter. Some of us have had to cancel trips abroad, and we are now wondering what the summer period has in store for us. During this season when we normally find ourselves in the great Canadian outdoors, a cabin, a tent or even on board a boat, we could find ourselves camping in our backyard.

Now might also be a good time to think smaller, to save big for later. Studies have shown that we can derive satisfaction from saving and spending for certain experiences, instead of making large purchases, and that we can derive satisfaction simply from planning a trip. 1″You’re confined to your house right now, but you can still start planning a great vacation,” says Stephen Inskip, Regional Vice President, Financial Planning, TD Wealth Management. “In fact, if you book well in advance, you can take advantage of great travel deals, with many charging no change fees. Consider putting the money you might save this year on trips into a Tax-Free Savings Account, so you can invest it in a longer, better trip when the time is right. You will have a goal to achieve! »

Now, what can we do this summer, when our children are out of school, stop using their laptops, and leave their virtual classrooms? We asked seven TD Wealth Financial Planners from across the country to tell us what they are looking forward to doing with their families this summer. Here are some ideas from financial services professionals for taking an exceptional vacation at home this summer.

Katrina McDonald , a Certified Financial Planner, lives in Ottawa.?

Zayne planted snow pea and carrot seeds, and Maddex planted watermelon and chive seeds. They take great pride in showing us their progress and the growth of their plants from week to week. We have also organized an original photography contest which will allow us to take a “photo of the day” throughout the summer. These photos can represent a moment, an activity, a delicious summer feast, or just a feeling that the boys want to share. At the end of summer, we will prepare and print an album of our photos from summer 2020 to remember all the great experiences we have had despite the COVID-19 pandemic. This year it was especially important for us to help our boys focus on all the good things that continue to happen around us. »

Sightseeing in the city where you live.?

We had booked a trip to the south of France, and planned to stay in Cannes for nine days, then visit various towns on the French Riviera. We were then to spend three days in Provence, and five days in Barcelona. However, given the restrictions on non-essential travel, we had to cancel this trip in early spring.

The city of Montreal really has a European flair, so we changed our plans to cycle around the area. We have compiled a list of points of interest that we plan to visit with our children. Montreal has a lot to offer: We planned to visit the Old Port, Mount Royal Park, Le Plateau-Mont-Royal and the Lachine Canal by bike. »