8 overwater bungalow hotels that will make you want to leave it all behind.?

8 overwater bungalow hotels that will make you want to leave it all behind.?


Who has never wanted to leave everything behind? Book a hotel on the other side of the world, take the love of your life by the hand and set off on an extraordinary adventure.

If you ever decide to take the plunge, you can count on our Top 8 of the best romantic bungalow hotels…paradise guaranteed! And to be sure of having a dream holiday, Salim and Linda, the winning travel lovers of Beijing Express 2013, give you their advice here on how to successfully travel as a couple.

Your bungalow hotel in Switzerland.

No need to go to the end of the world to experience the great thrill. Just take the TGV towards the Hotel Palafitte Château et Hôtels Collection , in Switzerland. Make way for romance! From the terrace of your private bungalow room, you will admire the sunset over Lake Neufchâtel. When the evening air cools, you can take refuge in the very cozy lounge area. Comfortably seated on the sofa in front of the large bay window, your only horizon is the neighboring Alps.

Your bungalow hotel in Thailand

Leave the banks of the Seine…to join those of the River Kwaï. No more noise and pollution and welcome to this haven of tranquility that is The Float House River Kwai . Awakened by the chirping of tropical birds, you watch the sun rise over the river from your private floating villa. A real moment of grace! You enjoy the beauty of the surrounding jungle, while enjoying luxurious comfort. On your private terrace, curled up in the arms of your better half, you forget the passage of time while listening to the gentle trickling of water.

Salim and Linda’s LOVE advice

“Travelling as a couple means first of all accepting that even if we love each other and that even if we are happy to go to the other side of the world together, we do not have the same centers of interest. You have to respect that. Your bungalow hotel in Bora Bora

The dream is just a click away at the Le Méridien hotel in Bora Bora.

You take the love of your life by the hand, to cross the wooden pontoon that leads you to your private bungalow. The magnificent Mount “Otemanu” stands before you and impresses you with its majesty. In your room on stilts, you have the impression of walking on the water of the most beautiful lagoon in the world, thanks to the large glass floors. No doubt, you are in paradise.