A Travel Guide for First Time Visitors in Dubai


Dubai is one of the most visited places on this planet. Commonly known as the city of gold, Dubai is the first pick for almost every tourist. There is plenty to enjoy in this marvelous city. However, without a proper guide, you may not enjoy it to the full extent. Therefore, we have brought a travel guide for first-time visitors to Dubai. Let’s have a look at this guide.

Get a Car

The first thing that you have to do on your visit to Dubai is to get a car. Though there are plenty of public transport options available, the thrill of exploring Dubai in your car is something unmatchable. You will love riding a Mustang, Range Rover, and other luxury cars on the vast roads of Dubai.

However, it is obvious that you cannot buy a car there as you are a guest. But don’t worry, you can easily get a Range Rover or Mustang for rent in Dubai. So, you have to rent a car of your choice in Dubai and start exploring this city of extremes.

Best Time to Visit Dubai

There is not a specific time to visit Dubai. You must visit it immediately after getting an opportunity. However, if you want to get most of your visit to this city of skyscrapers, then you should opt to visit it from October to March. The reason to visit Dubai in this period is pretty simple. Yes, you got it right we are hinting toward the weather in Dubai which will not be extreme during these months.

The weather will be moderate and you don’t have to prevent yourself from glazing hot sun all the time. In months from April to September, you may not explore the true beauty of this marvelous land due to extremely hot weather. But I will suggest that you should visit it whenever you get an opportunity.

Top places to Visit in Dubai

If we start explaining every top visiting place in Dubai, the list will become endless. From roads to skyscrapers, there is nothing in Dubai that doesn’t have much to offer you in terms of fun, thrill, and enjoyment. However, if you are short of time then first do the following things.

  • Burj Khalifa is the main thing that everyone, whoever gets a chance to visit Dubai, explores at priority. You cannot neglect the world’s tallest building whenever visiting some top places. It’s famous worldwide and people all across the globe are willing to explore so. You will never want to miss the opportunity of exploring it.
  • You should start with the Dubai Mall. Standing next to Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall is one of the most iconic shopping spots in the entire universe. You will explore a new world of fashion and lifestyle in this mall. Apart from shopping, you will also get other amusements in this shopping mall.
  • Your next destination should be Dubai Fountain. Dubai fountain is the world’s…. ah I think you guessed it. Like most other things in Dubai, it’s too the world’s largest fountain.
  • Madinat Jumeirah Complex is the next place you need to explore during your visit to Dubai. It is one of the famous beach resorts on this planet. Apart from thrilling activities there will be plenty of dining options there.
  • You must never exclude the Dubai desert safari as it is the most thrilling and adventurous in the entire universe. You will love to explore the Empty Quarter Desert during this amazing safari. Again, the Empty Quarter Desert is the world’s largest sand desert.
  • After getting tired of the fully thrilled and busy life of Dubai, you should spend some time in calmness. For that purpose, you should rent a car from any of reputed car rentals in Dubai and set on an off-road journey to Abu Dhabi or Khorfakkan. Whether you’re looking for a Range Rover, Lamborghini, Ferrari or Mustang for rent in Dubai, you can find it here at https://www.oneclickdrive.com/rent-ford-mustang-dubai

Where to Stay and Eat in Dubai?

Dubai Mall, Mall of Emirates, Jumeirah Complex, City Walk, and Karachi Darbar, are some of the top places in Dubai to eat meals. Other than that you can eat a delicious meal everywhere in Dubai. You can easily find a hotel room or rental apartment in Dubai. Choose the nearest one to your travel destinations in Dubai.

Final Thoughts

You have the guide in your hand, so waste no time and head towards Dubai. Make sure you don’t fall in love with this city, it will become hard for you to return from Dubai.