Everest Base Camp Trek Cost Breakdown

Everest Base Camp Trek Cost Breakdown


The Everest Base camp trek is one of the most common treks for any trekker who is visiting Nepal. A concern about trekkers is the cost taken for the Everest Base camp trek. There are so many reasons why people want to visit the EBC, hence the curiosity about the cost. Not only is the camp trek famous and common, but it is also one of the most prominent ones, given the fact that many people want to get a beautiful panoramic view of some of the tallest mountains in the world from a single place. It is no new thing that many mountains above the height of 8000m are situated in Nepal. Hence, the Mount Everest base camp trek has been highly preferred by people who are not able to climb all the mountains but still get an up-close view.

We have listed everything you need to know about the cost of the Everest Base Camp trek in this article. Make sure to read till the end of this article to know more!

How do you know the cost of the Everest Base Camp Trek Tour?

Everest Base Camp Trek cost is not very complicated to know. You will know about the cost of the tour with the help of your travel agency. The travel agencies mostly have a certain amount of money that they have the tourists pay when they are on a trek to the Everest Base Camp. No matter who you are calling, whether it is a local travel agency or an international one, you will be getting the help of local guides and porters during your trek tour. This is mostly because all these agencies use the same guides and porters. Either way, you will be promoting local people’s work and helping them while they are also helping you.

You can get help from guides and porters who are found without any authorized agencies in the EBC area itself. You never know how trustworthy these guides and porters are, though. Hence, it is always better for you to go for guides and porters who are working or have a contract under trustworthy travel agencies. Likewise, your cost also includes the fooding, lodging, other accommodations, equipment, gear, and wearables you are likely to need during your Everest Base Camp trek tour.

Everest Base Camp Trek tour cost in International Agency

12 Days Everest Base Camp trek cost starts from USD 1300 while International agencies mostly charge around $1600-2000, including food, guides, and porters. This cost is valid for a single person. Hence, if you are traveling with a group of people, the cost mostly depends on how many people there are and the number of facilities and breadth of the facilities given by the agencies.

Since porters don’t have it easy on the base camp, the Sherpa porters are likely to charge a fee of at least a hundred dollars, which does not mean a lot when you do the maths of the costs needed. You will need food several times a day during your trek. Hence, even the most plain and simple food for different times of the day will be costing you around five hundred dollars. Food and porters do not cover a big sum of your probable cost of 1500 USD. Hence, you will be paying for guides and accommodation that is going to cover the rest of your total cost.

Though it is almost confirmed how much and where your money is going, it is not quite right to rely on a certain sum. There are a lot of costs associated with traveling to Kathmandu and then to Lukla and so on. While many international agencies have these things covered in their package deals, the only wise option to opt for is to take more money than you think is necessary for your trek.

Everest Base, Camp Trek tour, cost in National Agency

National agencies are likely to charge you the same sum as international agencies. Though there might be a misconception that booking from an international agency will do you better during your trek, it is wrong. You will be asked to go to the same places for accommodation, and the guides and porters that are hired by both these agencies are the same. The guides and porters usually go back and forth from agency to agency as a part of their contractual deals or just as part-time work with different agencies as such.

Likewise, you will also be paying around $1500 minimum when you rely on a trekking tour for EBC with a national agency with the same distribution of cost as the international agency.