Sending your children to summer camp 11 years old focusing on their interests.?

Sending your children to summer camp 11 years old focusing on their interests.?


Summer camp is synonymous with adventure and discovery. Children have the opportunity to explore new horizons and meet wonderful people. Separation from their parents also allows them to become more mature and responsible. It is a real apprenticeship in community life. Indeed, the advantages of going on a camp are multiple. They even concern parents. For more information, follow this file.

Benefits of an 11-year summer camp on personal development

11 year old summer camp  is first and foremost an opportunity to open up to the world. It is a stay that helps each participant to get to know other people. It therefore promotes socialization. Everyone can make friends and can find their place in the group. Then, the camp contributes greatly to his learning of community life. The child is subject to rules. This will allow him to listen to others and to listen to himself. Participating in small daily tasks is part of a summer camp. He may be required to tidy his room, do the dishes and make meals for convivial moments. The group holiday stay encourages the little one to develop his autonomy. Far from his parents, he manages his own awakening and preparation for the day. He becomes the main actor of his days by managing like an adult. Exchange, sharing, hygiene and pleasure are also the key words of a camp.

An assured discovery.

An 11-year-old summer camp highlights entertainment. Children engage in fun activities to fully develop. The animators are experienced people in this case. The latter offer leisure activities in line with the passion and average age of the participants. They prioritize board games and group activities. In addition, the children go on a discovery trip during the stay. An opportunity to meet new things and visit tourist places. They adapt to a new environment. They apprehend new spaces and ways of life. They appropriate a place of sleep other than usual. For each outing, the child must learn new knowledge. The educational side of the stay is to be privileged in order to properly educate the children. Whatever, the organizer must guarantee the physical, emotional and moral security of each participant. The goal is to have a vacation without injuries or accidents.

For the parents

The benefits of an 11-year-old summer camp also affect parents. Of course, you may miss your child in the way he interacts with you. However, you can also take advantage of the time not to have it with you for a few days. In this case, give yourself time for yourself only. Experiment with new activities or spend more time with your spouse. Go out to meet your friends or have pijama parties with them. Enjoy every moment and be free for a few weeks. You can eat when you want and whatever you want.