The cheapest travel destinations and the most expensive.?

The cheapest travel destinations and the most expensive.?


Did you know that Beijing and Shanghai alone have more five-star hotels than the whole of France? Now yes ! To enrich your general knowledge or to inspire you, we have produced a map showing the proportion of five-star hotels in each country. Is your next destination there?

Did you know that…

the two countries with the highest concentration of 5* hotels are Egypt and the United Arab Emirates (Dubai); both have more than 10% 5* hotels.

Overall, the so-called “Northern” countries have a lower proportion of 5* hotels than the “Southern” countries. A contrast that is reminiscent of the differences between the rules for awarding stars depending on the country.

China reigns supreme. Among the ten cities in the world with the most 5-star hotels, four are Chinese. Beijing and Shanghai alone have more 5-star hotels than France!

Beijing, China has 220 5-star hotels

First among the most luxurious cities in the world: Beijing! Take a leap into the Chinese capital which oscillates between tradition and modernity. Here, historic sites rival the most beautiful skyscrapers. From your superb 5-star hotel, you can admire the bustling life in the streets of Beijing…

Not to be missed during your stay in Beijing: a visit to the Forbidden City, the famous Tien’anmen Square, the Summer Palace or the Temple of Heaven. In short, Beijing has everything to charm you (and a stone’s throw from your hotel too.

If you are looking for a city that breaks the preconceived ideas, head to Shanghai. This Chinese city is still looking to the future. A veritable avant-garde and cosmopolitan melting pot, Shanghai has many surprises in store for you.

We have selected three superb 5-star hotels for you, all of which offer you a very special experience: gastronomic journeys, luxurious breaks and unforgettable panoramas are on the program!